How Often Should You Practice Shooting?

How Often should you practice shooting?

ISOtunes Sport Team / 18 August 2021

In a perfect world, we’d all be hitting the range several times a week and blowing through boxes of ammo each visit. But for most of us, that’s just not practical or even possible. So how often should you be practising to keep your shooting skills sharp?

Most experts and trainers recommend shooting a minimum of once or twice each month to confidently operate your firearm of choice. This will help you maintain a level of comfort handling your gun and keep you in a somewhat consistent routine. Waiting several months between shooting sessions could throw off your rhythm and cause your life-saving skills to diminish.

Regularity is especially important when you’re familiarising yourself with firearms for the first time or acquainting yourself with a new handgun. In this scenario, shooting weekly for a month or so and then backing off to every other week is your best bet for mastering your firearm.

Don't break the bank

With ammo in high demand and short supply, regular trips to the range can do some serious damage to your budget that is if you can even find rounds. To save some money and make life a little easier, consider a handgun chambered in a cheaper, more common cartridge when the time comes to buy.

When ammo is scarce and overpriced, limit yourself to firing off a few dozen rounds each shooting session and look for opportunities to buy bullets in bulk.

Regular visits to an indoor range can also get pricey, so look into joining a local gun club or ranges that have minimal cost of entry.

Colonel Jeff Cooper's Rules of Firearm Safety
Gunsite Academy Firearms Training

stay dry

If you don’t have the access or funds for the real thing, add dry fire drills to your daily routine to improve your skills and coordination without spending a dime. From practising your draw to perfecting your stance, going through these motions can help you become a better shooter.

Just five to ten minutes of drills at home each day will help you to build muscle memory and notice marked improvements when you head to the range. With the proper precautions, you can safely perform dry fire drills with most modern firearms. These drills will help you get comfortable drawing smoothly from your holster, while quickly reloading and maintaining grip control shooting from a variety of different positions.


Aim to train at least once a month with your firearm of choice, but don’t overspend on ammo or range time.

Practice is important for professionals and beginners alike. Aim to train at least once a month with your firearm of choice, but don’t overspend on ammo or range time! Whether it’s firing live rounds or dry fire drills, any type of practice is guaranteed to make you a sharper, more confident shooter. And remember- always wear proper protection when shooting.


ISOtunes Sport Team / 14 October 2021